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I never liked the idea of having my journal be friends-only, but now I've decided that's a better idea for certain reasons. Most of my friends have already been added, but if you haven't been, comment and I'll most likely add you. Even if we're not close friends, try me - I'm not mean.

♥ Olga

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WOAH...pretty picture :0 is that from Chocolat?
it most certainly Good movie, what can I say?
I'll be your friend.. not only because i'm a guy and guys rock, but also because I gave you that nifty little program that lets you make awesome pictures..

Or not? Your choice. 'Tis Jim if it wasn't obvious enough.
of course, Jim! (By the way, I will give the CD back to you, you just have to keep reminding me.)
hey olga it is emily sullivan add me?
of course, Emily! I haven't heard from you in so long :( But I think we're in Hamlet together.


March 3 2005, 19:32:13 UTC 11 years ago

tooo bad i dont have live journal but i do have xanga!!!
too bad I don't know who you are :P


April 19 2005, 20:19:45 UTC 11 years ago

haha yes you do! Jayceee!!! Xp(
Hey Olga, this is Ryan Campbell, the kid from Walpole/Erin's pool party...add me and we can be friends. My username is the same as my aim sn so if you ever wanna say hello feel free...alright adios amiga.
Hi Ryan! Of course I'll add you. Ha, now I understand why I should have known it was you when you IMed me. But I hadn't actually checked my journal then, so...haha. :)
well i figured you didn't see it earlier but hey it doesnt matter
BROTHER!!! Haha, I'm assuming you wish to be added. Will do. :)
hey olga.. its andrew, the kid you met at the beach with the crazy bitches ;) aka ryans cousin :P haha.. wanna add me :D
Andrew!! It's good to hear from you. Of course I'll add you!
its jon add me
Olga! You know me, we both rock/love arthur. add, please?
Of course, of course! But only because I love you like no other. ♥
olga is sarah! add moi??


July 12 2006, 14:21:18 UTC 10 years ago

Hi Sarah, sorry, I haven't checked this entry in a really long time. I've added you now!
haha, & that of course was me! =]

Deleted comment

Hi love! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I took a break from LJ for a while but now I'm back. Added you, of course! ♥