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fleeting smile

they come and go

60's movies, 90's boy bands, abandoned places, american idol, audrey hepburn, autumn rain, bagels, being happy, being with friends, black, black and white photographs, black eyeliner, books, boy meets world, breakfast, british accents, candlelight, cats, charcoal drawings, chopin, classical music, cold pillows, cottage cheese, cream cheese, dancing, daydreaming, disney channel, disney movies, electronics, eyes, fanlistings, fansites, fantasia barrino, finding nemo, fireplaces, flip-flops, friends, funny people, gazing at the moon, giggling, gilmore girls, greig, happy people, harry potter, hatelistings, history documentaries, hope and faith, hot chocolate, hugh grant, ice cream, icons, im, improvising, italian, italian food, jazz, jim carrey, johnny depp, josh groban, julie andrews, kelly ripa, kittens, koala bears, late night conversations, laughing, lipgloss, long bus rides, long showers, love, luke danes, mario lopez, mark consuelos, mascara, matthew broderick, monsters inc, movies, music, musicals, nicholas sparks, nighttime walks, obsessions, oj, oreos with peanut butter, pamela franklin, parks, penguins, photography, piano, pirates of the caribbean, popsicles, purple, rain, raspberries, reading, red nail polish, red roses, richard gere, ryan seacrest, saved by the bell, silence, simon cowell, singing, sleeping, spanish, stained glass windows, starbucks, starry nights, summer, sunsets, sweet tea, talking on the phone, teal, tennis, the notebook, the oc, thunder, titanic, watermelon, web design, will and grace, wind chimes, writing